Administration, Teaching and Kitchen Staff

Administrative Staff

Pastor Rohde
Sr. Pastor & Founder

Mr. James Bowman
Operations Minister

Mrs. Tanya Soich

Mrs. Kristy Bowman
Curriculum Coordinator 

Mrs. Faith Chavez
Program Coordinator/Minister

Mrs. Cindy Houghton
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Cheryl Holterman
Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff

Ms. Baretz

Miss Leia

Mrs. Abuya

Mrs. Brooks

Miss Indi

Ms. Fernanda

Mrs. Jenny

Mrs. Robin

Miss Shelby

Ms. Voisin

Mrs. Pulido

Miss Taliyah

Mr. Gianni

Mrs. Kathie

Mrs. Amelia

Miss Joelle

Kitchen Staff

Mrs. Jordan Mais

Mrs. Aniseh Hinnawi

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