Administration, Teaching and Kitchen Staff

Administrative Staff

Pastor Rohde
Sr. Pastor & Founder

Mr. James Bowman
Operations Minister

Mrs. Tanya Soich

Mrs. Faith Chavez
Program Coordinator

Mrs. Cindy Houghton
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Cheryl Holterman
Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff

Ms. Nicole Baretz

Ms. Carmen Brich

Mrs. Edith Gamble

Ms. Marilyn Gillingham

Mrs. Jessica Hartman

Ms. Olivia Houghton

Mrs. Donna Kofroth

Ms. Liz Matecki

Ms. Kate Matecki

Mrs. Carol McGuire

Mrs. Gail McMurry

Mrs. Debbie Oelke

Ms. Bethany Voisin

Ms. Lindsey Voisin

Mrs. Beverly Voisin

Kitchen Staff

Mrs. Kathie Lingafelt

Mrs. Sarah Mohr

Church Volunteers

Mrs. Thivya Jas

Mrs. Sondra Spiegl

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